How to have a 7 Stars Valentines: Fairytale Dinner at Burj Al Arab Dubai-Al Mahara Restaurant

Valentines…The time of the year when we celebrate Love and Romanticism has to be a unique and romantic experience, to create life long memories.

Valentines Day at Burj Al Arab

Do you want to have a real Princess worthy experience on Valentines Day? Have you imagined the most romantic, luxurious and truly unique experience for you and your loved one? There is one place that can fulfil your most extravagant dream.

AL MAHARA RESTAURANT in the world famous BURJ AL ARAB Hotel DUBAI offers superbly decorated, seductively romantic and intensively tasty dinner for the Valentines Day.

Al Mahara which means”The Oyster Shell” in Arabic is known as one of the best Seafood Fine Dining restaurants in Dubai and beyond.

The luxurious experience starts before arriving to the restaurant, when entering the sumptuous 7 stars hotel Burj Al Arab. The enormous hotel lobby was meticulously decorated with giant red hearts made out of natural red roses. Stepping through the hotel doors you are immediately transported into a luxurious paradise that celebrates love and romance. There are so many details, so many perfectly decorated places to admire. The journey continues up on the escalator passing the aquarium wall on the right and the waterfall fountain on the left which was all covered in red roses hearts. At this point you will be already feeling like hypnotised by the grandeur and magic of this place.

The interior design of Burj Al Arab is of palatial proportions. The colours are vibrant and rich, inspired by the four natural elements. It was built in order to be the symbol of wealth and power.

Valentines Day at Burj Al Arab

Valentines Day at Burj Al Arab

Valentines Day at Burj Al Arab

On the way to the restaurant you will be escorted by a very friendly staff member and taken into a golden elevator all the way to the majestic entrance of the Al Mahara Restaurant. That is the moment of pure bliss and excitement, when you look through the “shell” shaped tunnel entrance and see the fascinating “world” waiting for you at the other end.

The first thing your eyes will discover is the beautiful blue light of the aquarium with the colourful sea life swimming peacefully inside and creating a spectacular atmosphere. Beautiful and delicate rose petals, orange, yellow and red, are scattered all over the dinning table that sits gracefully in front of the majestic aquarium wall, right in the middle,

While walking towards the table you feel like a king stepping towards his throne. All the staff members around are welcoming you and are ready to be at your service the soonest you make the tiniest gesture. After being handed the Special Valentines Menu, with an exclusive selection of seafood dishes, two complementary glasses of champagne are brought to the table by the most attentive waiter. That is the moment when you start enjoying the great and romantic atmosphere that is surrounding you.

To continue the string of pleasant surprises, two small Hermes perfumes, thoughtfully chosen, are waiting on the table among the rose petals, with a note saying that they are for you to take home and enjoy. And if this is not enough, a very special rose is waiting in the vase, as a gift. Its petals are marked with a shimmering gold writing: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentines dinner at Al Mahara

champagne drinks for Valentines

Valentines Day decorations

Valentines Day Decorations

Valentines dinner at Al Mahara

Valentines dinner at Al Mahara

Valentines dinner at Al Mahara


Valentines dinner at Al Mahara

After all this overwhelming and incredibly thoughtful welcoming the first course dish arrives. The food on the plates is beautifully presented and truly delicious. The next courses follow, each one is different but refined and at the end the glorious desert brings excitement and joy in everyone’s eyes! It just looks spectacular: a sweet and tasty sculpture of a rose that melts in your mouth, revealing a delicious strawberry syrup inside.

Valentines Fine Dinning

Valentines Dinner dish at Al Mahara

Valentines dinner dish

desert at Al Mahara restaurant Burj Al Arab


saxophone player at Al Mahara restaurant Dubai

All this time, a saxophone player is entertaining the guests with relaxing notes, enhancing the magical Atmosphere.

For the entire evening you will be amazed how thoughtful and attentive everyone is, for example if you want to use the restrooms or even to have a cigarette they will escort you all the way wherever you would like to go.

Their attention to detail is second to none.

“it’s a dinning experience that will stimulate all your senses”

Choose Dubai and choose  Al Mahara for an unforgettable and fabulous Valentines Day!

Valentines dinner Dubai at Al Mahara

Burj Al Arab Aquarium

Valentines decoration Rose


A Wonderful Beginning of the year. Sensational Singapore- the stunning Skypool

Our journey continues with the one and only, the city of the future, the unforgettable, the small but mighty: Singapore

Singapore night view and lights

View from our room in Marina Bay Sands Hotel- Deluxe Twin with City view in Tower 3, Floor 34

Looking out the window

I call it Sensational Singapore because this was the first word that came into my mind when I found myself “hanging” off the curvy sides of the infinity pool in the Sky Park of Marina Bay Sands.

While overlooking the whole of the city and posing in all different ways, I was admiring the greatness, the breathtaking views and the surrealism of this very unique and futuristic pool I felt incredibly inspired.

“Swim on top of the world”

Sky Pool MBS Singapore

I have to admit that I have an “artistic” obsession about the whole area of the Skypool at Marina Bay Sands and even if it was not my first time there, I could not stop from taking pictures over pictures over pictures…day or night. I just feel totally in awe of this mesmerising unique place in the world. I can’t have enough of it. And if you go there you will know why.

lounging at the pool in Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

Sky pool Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Sky pool Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Sky pool Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Sky pool Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Sky Pool at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

“Amazing views from one of the most iconic swimming pools in the world”

Sky pool Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Sky pool Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Sky pool Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The city view from the Sky Pool is stunning during the day or night but on the opposite side is another impressive view: the beautiful Gardens By The Bay.

When I found myself up there, relaxing and enjoying the bubbly jacuzzi, overlooking the greatness of the Gardens’ landscape I really had the feeling of being transported to the future: it is an “out-of-this-world” place with an award winning futuristic architecture.

(I will be back with a whole post about the Gardens By The Bay in Singapore as they deserve to be praised and admired separately)

Sky pool Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Sky Pool at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Jacuzzi at the Sky Park MBS

If you ever find yourself in Singapore a visit at the Sky Park in MBS should be a priority on your travel path and make sure you spend some relaxing time at the Sky Pool. It will create lifetime memories and you will definitely want to go back, as I did. It is kind of addictive….

The Sky Pool is part of the Sky Park that is a whole entertainment area and includes restaurants, bars, terraces and the Observation Deck that are open to the outside public but the iconic infinity pool is open only to the guests of the hotel.

It was my second time in Singapore and both times I stayed at the amazing Marina Bay Sands hotel so I will be describing and reviewing it in a different post in order to allocate more time and space for more details and opinions.

Sky pool at night

                         ALWAYS travel with a meaning and create unforgettable memories !

A WONDERFUL beginning of the year! First Stop: Malaysia

When a new year starts and another year finishes I feel it is time for great journeys and fabulous places to be discovered and very much enjoyed. And I DID! oh yes I did enjoy every single one of them.


Over the last month of 2014 and the first month of 2015 I travelled to six different countries and had been on more than 12 international flights, and some of them were over 10 hours flying. It was a true “marathon” of superb adventures and stunningly beautiful places that I am so excited to share.

View over Malaysia from the plane

First stop was the capital of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur

As they call it: incredible Asia.

A dear friend of mine suggested a hotel that she knew I would like so I trusted her.


Traders Hotel turned out to be not the very high end and luxurious type of place that I usually go for, even if it is a 5 stars hotel and it is part of the Shangri-La group (which I love).

Most importantly is that it has a great view towards the Petronas Towers which is the most iconic and must-see place in Kuala Lumpur, the trademark of the Malaysian capital.

I have to admit that the moment I opened the curtains and looked through the windows towards the majestic towers in front of my eyes, I couldn’t complain too much. This place is worth mainly because of the Twin Towers view. So make sure you book a room overlooking them!


Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur

gazing at the Twin Towers KL

The Petronas Towers night view

Even if we were there during the Monsoon season the weather was still very pleasant. I loved the smell of the fresh air in the morning after the rain stopped.

I had a particular morning of complete relaxation and enjoyment while I was sitting on the terrace of the coffee shop in our hotel. Looking at the beautiful park in front of me, bathing my eye view into the most purest and freshest green, breathing the wet and warm air, sipping on my morning Cafe Late, it was pure Bliss! And even the jet lag feeling had totally vanished.

morning coffee with KL Twin towers

me in the park in front of our hotel in KL

When I am with my sister sometimes we are like kids. So we spent a whole day in some of the Shopping Malls in KL: Pavilion Mall, KLCC (the most popular with tourists), Fahrenheit88.  We had a lot of fun around the pretty and cheerful decorations and of course we took a lot of selfies. Every decoration looked so pretty and sweet that we couldn’t resist from not acting like children.

teddy bear fun

decorations in Kuala Lumpur Mall

Hello Kitty and me- KL Mall

Sis and Me having fun


One of our daily must-dos activities was having massages. Asia is very well known for great and affordable massage places and Spas.

We could not resist the temptation so we really spoiled ourselves with different massage techniques at the very well known Thai Odyssey, which is a chain of trustful and professional Spas with branches in many different locations in the Malaysian Capital and beyond.

At the Spa

Eventually we didn’t explore too much of Kuala Lumpur as our main goal was to spend more time in Singapore. But I do recommend it as a stop over for a couple of days maybe and I do promise I will be back and enjoy much more of the whole of Malaysia.

Now, off to the next stop! The very much anticipated and meticulously planned trip to Singapore!

Rushing to finish the next post!! Bye Bye! 


A MAGICAL TIME: The perfect Christmas destination

Sparkles and joy everywhere I go, everyone I see, everything I do is filled with a true special feeling of positiveness and content. I call it THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS.

The most special time of the year when everything around us becomes magical, shinier, gets that particular aura all around…and we know is Christmas!

Hong Kong-Xmas tree angels

When I think about the festive season I think of 3 major “ingredients” that would make it truly special:

  1. A great location that reflects the true magic of Christmas spirit
  2. At least one member of family to be around
  3. Lots of activities to do in the Christmas spirit, especially Christmas dinner

Every year, december is a truly unique month, once because it the time of the year when I get to meet my sister and twice because is filled with the magic of Christmas and the sparkle and joy of the New Year celebrations.

It has become a habit for me and also a real challenge to find the best place so we can spend the festive season in the most amazing and glamorous way possible.

After a long time researching I decided that Hong Kong will be the perfect destination for us. The whole city is filled with beautiful decorations and amazing places for lunching and dining in a true Christmasy way.

HONG KONG -xmas tree town

Hong Kong Angel Statue

Hong Kong- Xmas Lights


I am, by nature, a very demanding person. I love to have a reason to celebrate and to add great memories to my life from my travels. So for me Christmas Eve has to be fantastic, has to be THE ONE great moment of joy!

In order to get this we must have the Perfect location and the Best entertainment.

And I found ALL these in a unique and amazing place: FELIX RESTAURANT at THE PENINSULA HOTEL HONG KONG

Felix restaurant organised a night to remember and we had an absolutely amazing time spending Christmas Eve there. The place looked glamorous and had a really engaging live band singing. The location is the best, overlooking the Harbour and the City.

I had that feeling of entering a very glamorous and festive place.


“Avant-garde Dinning” as they named it.
Hong Kong-Xmas eve dinner Felix restaurant

Hong Kong- Felix Restaurant Xmas dinner desert

 All the excitement in the air filled our hearts, we spent a night to remember!

We will always refer to it as one of our most amazing and perfect Christmas nights.

Here is how it all felt, looked and tasted like:

 The guests

I just love to be surrounded by the right crowd of people and this time it was exactly what I hoped for.

Ladies and gents, couples or small groups, were all very elegant and shiny. Everybody was enjoying sipping from their glasses of champagne, chatting and giggling, happiness and joy all around…and lots of bubbles 🙂

The environment

All tables were decorated in the Christmas spirit and had Christmasy little presents waiting for us to open and enjoy during the night. So first thing we did was to “decorate” ourselves and cheer with a first glass of champagne for the wonderful night that was ahead of us.

The Entertainment

There was a designated place for dancing and a great live Band that truly made our night. The guys and girls from the band were incredibly entertaining,beautifully dressed, guys wearing tuxes and the girls long red dresses, their songs and moves were just the right thing to keep our Christmas spirit up and our joy really high.


Hong Kong-Felix restaurant entertainment


The Food

We had a set dinner menu of 8 courses (two options: vegetarian or meat+seafood) and they were beautifully presented even if some of the dishes weren’t anything special in taste…but they looked great and for that particular occasion was good enough.


Hong Kong-Xmas dinner food


It was a night to remember. I would do it again and again.

Christmas was splendid, was magical and great fun because of this place..

Felix Restaurant thank you for the most amazing Christmas Eve!


Hong Kong- Felix Restaurant Xmas dinner




Hong Kong-Xmas day dinner Langham Hotel

Langham Hotel- before Christmas Day Dinner

HK-Langham dinner food

Langham Hotel Dinner Bufet

Hong Kong Xmas dinner with sis

Christmasy Sweets and…Santa!!



Make your life journeys amazing!

The journey continues: Splendid Lake Como Villas and Gardens

Let’s continue the scenic journey through the enchanting Gardens of Lake Como Villas.

This place is a true inspiration for the romantic at heart or for anyone that loves to be surrounded by perfectly tailored landscapes and nature.


The Villa has a true majestic position, on a hill top, at the very end of the town, secluded for enough privacy and tranquility.

Villa Melzi-outside

Villa Melzi front and statue

The elegant Villa Melzi is located in Bellagio and is a short 10 minutes walk from the city centre. The actual stroll to the villa is a delight: beautiful mountain views on the right and picturesque sights of the pretty town on the other side.

Villa Melzi outside walk

The English styled gardens of Villa Melzi are the main attraction for the visitors. The delightful landscape stretches out along the Lake shore, giving a true visual sense to the hill top of the Bellagio Peninsula.

Having a stroll through the Villa perfectly manicured gardens feels like stepping into a different world, more peaceful and tranquil, a totally relaxing experience. At that time I really understood why poets and writers considered this place fascinating and truly  inspiring.

Vila Melzi outside view

Villa Melzi-walk through the gardens

Villa Melzi, outside mountain view

The inside of the villa is not open to public as it is still being under private ownership. The villa orangery was transformed into a small museum where you can find a few artefacts during the Napoleonic era.

I would say that the real meaning of this place is to admire the true splendour of the gardens and the natural beauty around.

Helpful guides and useful links:

Before visiting Villa Melzi I recommend checking their official website: Giardini di Villa Melzi (Gardens of Villa Melzi)

that offers plenty of information about the place, true historical facts and great maps of the gardens.


Another must-see villa in Lake Como is Villa Carlotta with its superb Italian botanical gardens.

The villa also features a small but significant collection of marble statues and a majestic entrance with beautifully embellished iron gates, intricate stone stairs and fountains.

Villa Carlotta front entrance

Villa carlotta scenery

The colourful and varied botanical gardens of Villa Carlotta look like a true rainbow in the sun light. A true delight for the eyes and senses.

Villa Carlotta Flowers

Villa Carlotta gardens

In order to add more romanticism to the place, the Villa shelters the famous portrayal of The Last Kiss from Romeo and Juliet. My favourite was this statue by Antonio Canova that made me see how real passion and desire can be reflected through an authentic masterpiece.

Villa Carlotta-Angel statue

The Journey to the Villas or going back is a real pleasure. As I mentioned in my previous posts, Lake Como Ferry service is a reliable means of transportation between the Lake villages and it can be truly recreational.

Villa Carlotta Lake como views

I enjoyed every minute of this trip, breathing the fresh air and admiring the beautiful nature, enjoying the sunshine.

Lake Como area will always remain a place of unparalleled beauty, romanticism and pure tranquility.

It transports you into a a world that looks and feels like having stepped out of poetry and story books.

Make your life journeys amazing! You only live once!


I have always been fascinated with big and elaborated gardens, the kind that you could easily get lost inside but you wouldn’t regret it…

Lake Como is “blessed” with lavish gardens of the astonishing beautiful villas that have become the main attraction for anyone that visits this fairytale place.

Villa Balbianello-Gate

The Lake and its surroundings have been a source of inspiration for many poets and writes over the centuries. And to tell you the truth, when I first arrived there I felt like stepping into an imaginary, beautiful world, very similar to a fantasy movie set.
Villa Balbianello-entrance
Talking about movie sets, a specific area of Lake Como was featured in the very well known block buster movie Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and Casino Royale (the James Bond movie) and by visiting it I accomplished another dream of mine 🙂

Villa Balbianello-stunning views with boat Villa BAlbianello- mountain view

This truly romantic and “out-of-this-world” place is called VILLA DEL BALBIANELLO.
With astonishing views over the Lake and the surrounding Mountains, the Villa elaborated terraced gardens are a true architectural masterpiece.
It really feels and looks breathtaking, the Villa position is surreal, the surroundings are creating the perfect nest for such an architectural “jewel”…it is truly mesmerising…

Villa Balbianello- garden statues

Villa Balbianello-balcony Villa Balbianello-terrace
Villa Balbianello- Star wars Villa Balbianello Star Wars scenes
A superb and unique natural spot, a wooden peninsula on the shore of the Lake Como is forming the perfect nest for the imposing Villa del Balbianello that once used to be a Franciscan monastery. Now it is part of the Italian Natural Trust and is opened for visitors from April to November.
Villa Balbianello-garden with trees
Villa BAlbianello-trees and views over the lake
The only way to get to the villa is by boat or by foot on Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday from the neighbourhood village Lenno. During the tourist season there are several trips per day to and from the villa organised by local boat companies. There is also the option to rent a private boat trip if you prefer total privacy.
Villa Balbianello-garden and views over lake
 Villa Del Balbianello is one of the most inspiring and sensational places I have ever seen and believe me I have seen a lot. It makes my mind slip away and dream…
Maybe because I am a romantic at heart I will always consider this place unique and truly special and probably the best wedding spot that I could have ever imagined.
Villa Balbianello-garden statues
I will come back one day. I already imagined a very romantic and artistic photoshoot on the villa grounds and I won’t have rest until one day it will happen
Some useful tips:
If anyone would dream of having a fairytale wedding in this amazingly romantic place, surprisingly, is possible. Villa Del Balbianello can be hired for private events and weddings. Here you can find more information about that.
Journeys through other Villas and beautiful gardens of Lake Como.

LAKE COMO, romantic and wonderful

Italy it has been one of my favourite places to visit and will always be…

I refer to it as the country that can make anyone fall in love…literally

It has a charming romantic air about it whether I go to a big city or to the countryside it is truly special, has that ideal beauty and it is a true delight for the eyes and a true treat for the tastebuds.

Lake Como mountain view

I made a true habit of visiting Italy for a few times each year and I can never have enough of its superb scenic natural beauty, the very tasty food and wine, the beautifully preserved towns and cities full of history and great architecture.

I will take you in many other journeys  many posts about this wonderful country that has never stopped to amaze me but this time I choose to take you into a romantic and inspiring trip around the gorgeous Lake Como.
“a jewel in the crown of Italy’s famous lakes” as it was called by
Lake Como-Tremezzo Lake view
Beautiful Lake Como-swan
Lake Como- sand & mountain view
Lake Como- beautiful flowers and lake view
Lake Como- Tremezzo Lake view
Lake Como Breakfast in Tremezzo Lake view
Lake Como has always been a very popular retreat since the Roman times and it is considered one of the greatest lakes of Italy because of its true natural beauty and also that is why well known tourist attraction for the rich and famous.
It is well known that many celebrities built their holiday residences on the shores of the Lake Como and one of them is George Clooney. The Actor became a local in the area after buying a beautiful property named Villa Oleandra in the commune of Laglio.
I would say that anyone that has its own place in any of charming towns of the Lake is very lucky indeed.
Lake Como-Tremezzo town
Lake Como- Villages
Lake Como- Castle
SCENIC VILLAGES are adorning the bottom of the mountains that surround Lake Como and many of them are the ideal nest for superb villas with beautifully designed gardens. I have allocated a separate post for all the Lake Como Villas I visited as they really require total attention and individual dedication.
The best way to travel around the Lake towns is by Ferry or private boat and the journey is truly enchanting. While on the boat I could enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, the imposing villas that adorn the shores of the lake like true architectural guardians and the picturesque villages.
There is a Ferry station in each town and usually tourists like to hop around or take a car and drive on the coastal road but that will take much longer.
LakeComo-Tremezzo Sunset
Bellagio Town
There is one particular habit that I enjoy a lot while I am in Italy and that is the Aperitivo time. It is a version of the Italian Happy Hour and that is when you see people all around the terraces sipping on a fresh glass of Aperol Spritz (that orange drink that looks like a juice but is actually a nicely tingly and bitter alcoholic drink ) accompanied by different types of snacks, chilling out and enjoying the view…a true delight.   🙂    Cin Cin! 
Bellagio- Aperol Spritz
Best time to visit:
I recommend visiting the superb Lake Como during Spring or Autumn as the weather is lovely, not too hot or too cold, the sun is not that strong and believe me this really matters when you spend most of the time outside wondering around beautiful places.
Villages worth visiting:
Must-see villas and gardens:
Villa Carlota, Villa Melzi, Villa Del Balbianello ( I will describe each of them in a new post )
Where to stay:
Stunning panoramic views over the Lake from GRAND HOTEL TREMEZZO
Heaven of tranquility and privacy you can find at HOTEL BELVEDERE BELLAGIO
Where to Shop:
Lake Como is well known for the beautiful Silk they produce. Big designer houses like Pucci, Hermes, Missoni, Versace, etc make all their silk scarves and silk accessories in Como. It is the perfect place to buy gifts made of authentic Como Silk.
I will be following with a more detailed post about each Villa I have visited in Lake Como and insights about their beautiful gardens.
Among these villas there is my very favourite place I have always dreamt of seeing and it was exactly as I imagined, even better.
Make your life journeys amazing!

CANNES- A jewel of the French Riviera

Carlton Intercontinental Hotel Cannes
 It is said that all of us think of a special place full of charm that we are dreaming of visiting at some point in our lives.
That place that attracts our minds into fantasising amazing tales about it…
For a long time I had been fantasising of staying in the world famous
La Croisette street Cannes

La Croisette Promenade in front of the hotel

Selfie in front of Carlton Hotel Cannes

selfie in front of Carlton Hotel 🙂

Carlton Hotel is famously located on the most popular boulevard in Cannes… And I can confirm it really looks like in the magazines. It has that glamorous air about it, that feeling of preciousness and wealth.
Luxurious cars wonder around the area all the time and the people around are parading their best outfits day and night.
Exactly my kind of place. Ha ha 🙂
Carlton Restaurant Terrace breakfast

Carlton Restaurant terrace

Carlton Restaurant terrace serves breakfast everyday and is a very popular place on the La Croisette Boulevard.
Of course I had to experience the buffet breakfast one day even if I am not an early bird and I miss most of the breakfasts 🙂
I made the effort just to enjoy the experience of this so well known and acclaimed place. But let me tell you it was not what I expected 😦
The place is quite lovely (but a bit outdated) as it has a beautiful sea view if you look far over the busy road you might spot a ship or two while sipping on your cappuccino but apart from this the food selection is nothing special.
Carlton Private Beach

Carlton private beach

Carlton Private beach view

View over the Carlton Private beach

Carlton Private Beach is also well known for its high class clientele and that means two things: high prices for the sun beds and the services.
I can’t complain as the service was good, the drinks and food menu has everything you need but the sea part in front is not ideal for spending too much time in the water because you feel like you are having a bath under the wooden deck where the VIP area of the sun beds is.
Regarding the fact you have a great view at the back with the hotel towers and different yachts sailing in front I would say is worth spending one whole day on the Carlton Private beach but definitely not more than that.
Miramar beach lunch

Lunch at Miramar Beach

Miramar beach lunch detail

Lunch detail at Miramar Beach- seared tuna salad and quinoa salad

There are some nice private beach options nearby so each day you can have a stroll along the Promenade and find a different place.
I recommend the Miramar Beach which is just next door from Carlton and has a more trendier, younger clientele crowd, with DJ music and events happening all the time. I had lunch there one day and found out they offer amazing Sunday Brunch buffet. Food is really nice. Yum! Check it out!
Port of Cannes Night view

Night view Port of Cannes

During the night Cannes can be a very romantic place if you stroll along the Port Du Moure Rouge and we had the moon up and shining making the night walk even more magical. It is a bit secluded from the busy La Croisette Boulevard and during the night is perfect for some peaceful intimacy. Kiss Kiss 😉
Night time in Cannes

Night time in Cannes

Carlton hotel front- supercar parked

Carlton Hotel front 😉

 When we left the hotel at night I “bumped” into this beautiful “jewel” of a car and couldn’t hold myself not taking a picture 🙂
I am not particularly a big fan of cars (or of taking pictures of them) but this one looked so amazing I just had to immortalise the moment.
Luxurious and fast cars are a usual in Cannes like they are all over the French Riviera. They are being showed off by their owners day and night and is a true pride to be stepping out of one of these beauties. For me, next time 😉 I promise!
Hotel Lobby flower arrangements

All done up before going out for dinner- Hotel Lobby Flower Arrangements

Carlton Hotel Lobby Flower arrangements and me

Prepared to go out, matching the flower arrangement in the hotel lobby 🙂

Cannes is well known for the lavish nightlife and the posh high class bars and clubs where people like to splash their $$ on premium-priced cocktails and good looking food ( I mentioned this because not everything that looks good tastes good too 😉
When I go out I usually choose to spend the night in one of the most highly rated spots in the area so I either do a good research online, ask a friend for recommendations or consult the Hotel Concierge services which sometimes can be very helpful but not always so better double check for reviews online before taking the decision.
Baoli Bar dinning area

Baoli Bar dinning area

Before traveling to Cannes I was told by a friend that the must-go to place for a good night out is the celebrity favourite Baoli Bar and Club so I immediately checked reviews about it and by seeing the pictures I was convinced that is a great place to spend our evening in this amazing city on the French Riviera. I made the dinner reservation one week in advance as Baoli usually gets so busy and is so popular that bookings should be made a few days before.
Baoli dinner

Sushi Dinner at Baoli Cannes

One of my favourite cuisine is Japanese so that night I was in the mood for some sushi, easy and light as we were planning a long night ahead which eventually didn’t happen as we felt too tired and sunburned ( as you can spot from the picture my chest is all red :))
The menu in Baoli is a mixture of Traditional dishes with Asian so I would say they cover all tastes and it has a good choice of food for all types.
The main Attraction in this bar/restaurant is the garden area that is beautifully designed and its main feature are the white drapes that adorn the sofas and tables giving a romantic and bohemian feel to the place. Also the lights that enhance the palm trees around and the lounge music ( before midnight) make the dinner experience special and truly worth it.
Baoli Garden dinner table

Baoli Garden table

Baoli becomes a club after midnight and after people have finished their dinner they move inside where the music is turned on loud, the windows close and the party starts. To get a table inside for two people costs a few hundred euros and it includes a bottle of your choice.
I totally recommend Baoli as a night out experience in Cannes and if you go during the Cannes Film Festival it is absolutely certain that you will bump into some celebrities around there as it is one of the most popular places in town.
Make your life journeys amazing, you only live once 😉
C xx
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